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Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Roofing

Check out these frequently asked questions to see why a metal roof from Kirkman's Hardware is the right option for you.

Q: Why metal roofing?

A: Metal roofing is available in many attractive colors with long-life coatings that make a metal roof nearly maintenance free. A metal roof is lightweight, putting less stress on the structure, yet durable enough to withstand the elements. Metal roofing lasts longer and has reflective properties that make it more energy efficient than other common roofing materials. A metal roof can sometimes result in lower insurance costs, too.


Q: Is a metal roof more expensive than shingles?

A: Metal roofing material costs are comparable to that of shingles. While installation costs for metal can sometimes be slightly higher, the life-cycle costs are much lower since a metal roof has a life expectancy of 40+ years compared to the average life of 10-15 years for conventional shingles.


Q: Can I install metal roofing over my existing shingle roof?

A: A metal roof can be installed over shingles as long as the shingles are not curled or blistered. The metal roofing should be separated with 30# felt or some other suitable underlayment. However, the installation of wood furring strips over the shingle roof sometimes gives a better finished look to the project. Since local codes vary, you should check to see if removal of the shingle roof is required.


Q: Is a metal roof noisy when it rains?

A: Since metal roofing will be installed over solid decking or existing shingles, the difference in noise level is negligible.


Q: Will a metal roof affect my energy costs?

A: Several studies have shown that the reflectivity and emissivity of metal roofing coated with Energy Star certified paints can lower energy costs as much as 10%.


Q: How long will a metal roof last?

A: The improved technology in substrate coatings and paint finishes gives metal roofing a life expectancy in excess of 40 years.


Q: Will a metal roof attract lightning?

A: A metal roof will not make a structure more likely to be struck by lightning. A metal roof is actually preferable in the event of a lightning strike since it is non-combustible.


Q: Will a metal roof rust?

A. Our prime metal roofing is protected by Galvalume coating. This process results in panels that have consistently outperformed the corrosion resistance of other coatings. Our unpainted panels have a 25-year limited warranty. We use this superior product under our 40-year warranted paint to give you the best possible combination of protection.


Q: Does a metal roof have any environmental impact?

A: A metal roof is beneficial to our environment because it reduces energy consumption and is completely recyclable at the end of a long life, reducing deposits to our local landfills.























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